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Been in an accident?

Diminished Value Claim Assessment & Report

Did you know your vehicle is potentially worth thousands of dollars less as a result of an auto accident and consequent repairs? Did you know you can recoup this value in many cases??  

Rapid Appraisal Services offers professional, affordable and honest diminished value claim assessments.  Our reports have been utilized successful for over 13+ years to help Texas get back their vehicle's lost value. 

This page will provide you insight into the often misunderstood world of Diminished Value Claims. Please contact Rapid Appraisal Services to see if a Diminished Value Claim assessment and report are right for you. 

What is diminished value?

loss in value after accident. Let our diminished value experts help you get your lost value.

What is a 'Diminished Value'?

Diminution of value, also known in the insurance industry as 'Diminished Value', is the loss in market value of a particular automobile that has been in an accident and repaired. This can further be broken down into 3 subcategories:

  • Inherent Diminished Value- The loss in value is based on the mere fact the unit has been in  the accident and repaired.
  • Body shop related Diminshed Value - The loss in market value a result of substandard quality repairs. 
  • Insurance related  Diminished Value - The loss in market value as a result of insufficient funds by an insurance carrier to properly repair the damages.

Who is allowed to seek Diminished Value in Texas?

The accident must not be your fault. This applies to any 3rd party liability claim, as well as Under-insured/uninsured coverage claims on your own policy.

  • The accident must not be your fault. This applies to any 3rd party liability claim, as well as Under-insured/uninsured coverage claims on your own policy.
  • The statute of limitations is 2 years from the date of loss to request the diminished value.
  • The at fault carrier has accepted liability and paid for the repairs to be completed. 

What if the insurance company stated that I don't have a claim for Diminished Value?

Immediately contact Rapid Appraisal Services for a no obligation, FREE review of your loss and potential for Diminished value recovery.  Even if they make you an offer, it is possibly artificially low. The first offer is usually not a fair one... Check with us first.

Do I need a professional to handle my Diminished Value claim?

Absolutely. This is an area of the insurance industry that most people never venture into, therefore it is very wise to seek the guidance of a professional company, like Rapid Appraisal Services. 

How soon can I get my report?

We can have a report completed within 24-48 hours after discussing the claim with you and obtaining any needed documentation. If you live within 100 miles of the Houston or Dallas, TX area, we will inspect your vehicle in person prior to the report completion. Once you have reviewed and approved the completed report, we will submit it to the adjuster on your behalf for review and processing. 

Does my vehicle qualify for a diminished value?

The fact that your vehicle was involved in an accident doesn't make you an automatic candidate for pursuing diminished value. These guidelines don't apply to every claim, but are a rough outline. 

Your vehicle should:

  • Be in accident in the last 2 years
  • Be in an accident that is not your fault
  • Have the repairs covered and paid for by the at-fault insurance company
  • Be worth $10,000 or more (preferred, but not required)
  • Have over $2,000 in damages (preferred, but not required)
  • Be owed with a clean title, or in the process of being purchased (lien, making payments)

Things that may exclude your claim:

  • Your vehicle is a lease vehicle (unless converted to purchase lien)
  • Multiple severe accident history
  • Rebuilt or salvage title vehicle
  • The repairs were not performed
  • The accident was your fault

Here's a quiz, which car is worth less?

Diminished value occurs after an accident and repairs. Call RAS today to find out if your car lost.

$65,000 vehicle. No accident history

A vehicle that has no accident history is still very viable and valuable on the open market.  The power of negotiation still lies with the seller, who is left in a very good financial position, should they choose to sell their car or not. 

This driver has no need to pursue a diminished value claim, as their vehicle value is intact. 

RAS can help you recoup your diminished value after an accident. You may have lost thousands.

$65,000 vehicle. Previous $20,000 accident repairs

Even using simple economic fundamentals, any consumer would know this vehicle is worth less due to the repairs. The car likely has a CarFax or AutoCheck report history. The car is now excluded from certain dealer certified preowned programs. The power in negotiating a sale is now turned in favor of the purchaser.  This vehicle owner is in a poor situation as a result of an accident and would benefit from diminished value claim recovery. 

Why Should I get a diminished Value Claim?

Your vehicle may have lost thousands of dollars in value due to an accident. Call RAS today.

1: Financial Security

The effects of an auto accident and consequent repairs on the value and desirability of your vehicle can be dramatic. When it's time to sell your car in the future, most are shocked to find that the accident has eliminated thousands of dollars, sometime tens of thousands, in value from their vehicle. Rapid Appraisal Services is trained and experienced in getting this money back to you, where it belongs. 

Texas law allows diminished value for those in auto accidents. Limitations apply. Auto Claim

2: It's your right, under Texas law

Texas has a wonderful legal system and insurance code that was designed to help and assist those affected by an accident. This involves diminished value claim recovery. Rapid Appraisal Services can and will use the full extent of your available rights to pursue any value you may have lost in an auto accident.  TDI Commissioners Bulletin  B-0027-00  outlines these rights. 

diminished value can protect the investment of people involved in an accident. This applies to Texas

3: Protecting your investment

While diminished value can affect the resale value of your car, it can equally hurt the value even if the car is not going to be on the market. Some cars are purchased as collectibles (exotics, sport cars, tuners, etc.) These vehicles can also suffer diminished value after an accident, even if the owner has no future plans to sell. It is an investment item, that is now devalued as a result of damages and repairs. Contact Rapid Appraisal Services to secure the value of your car today, tomorrow and into the future. 

Ready to start your diminished value claim assessment?

Please give our office a call or send an email with any questions your may have regarding diminished value claim. Our courteous staff will answer any questions professionally and with no hassle or obligation to use our services. 

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