How to send an assignment

Secure Web Site upload

Our site allows for secure claim assignment submission for auto accidents or diminished value.

Already have an assignment sheet and want a quick and  secure way to send it to us? 

Simple use the 'Send Assignment - Attachment" section on this page. You can attach your PDF, word doc, or any other format and it will be sent direct to our office. Our site is SSL encrypted and monitored by McAfee protection, so your customer's personal and claim data will be safe and secure. 

Email submission


Prefer to email your assignment request? 

Please use ''

Your email will be opened and processed within 12 hours or less

Submit by phone

Call our office anytime & submit a claim, auto accident or diminished value. Toll free 877-754-1232

You can call our office anytime and send an assignment over the phone at our toll-free line 877-754-1232.

 Our office staff will answer any questions that you may have when you contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Send Assignment - Attachment