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We offer services to the insurance industry (carriers, MGA's, TPA's, IA firms, etc.) , financial sector, law offices, and to the general public. If you have a question regarding our services or pricing, do not hesitate to reach us.  From a auto damage estimate to a complex diminished value claim assessment, we have the solution for you!

What services do we offer?

inspections on auto damage claims, wrecked cars, collision, body shop, diminished value claim, etc


We offer mobile estimating services, at the location  you request. Have a car at the owners work? A motorcycle in a shop? Semi truck in a storage yard? Rapid Appraisal Service will dispatch one of our uniformed, trained and competent appraisers, in a timely and efficient manner and at a price that you can afford. 

Professional valuations, inspections, auto damage and diminished value assessments and inspection.s


Let our professional and trained team, with decades of experience, assist you determine what your property is worth. This ranges from autos to RV, Motorcycles to Classic auto...and all points in between. If it has wheels, we will provide you an accurate and validated valuation. 

Specialty requests on pre-purchase inspections, car damage estimates, diminished value, etc.

Specialty requests

Buying a car on the internet and need a 'pre-purchase' inspection? Been in an accident and worried your car has lost its value? Need a scene diagram and traffic sequence for a court case? We can fulfill almost anything requested to help settle a claim or case. If you need help with a request, we would love the chance o help you. 

Service / Price List/Diminished value Claims

All services provided in Texas are subject to 8.25% sales tax. Mileage beyond 50 miles round trip from 77001 will include mileage charges at $0.60 per additional roundtrip mile.

What to expect after you send an assignment?


Receipt of the assignment

Within 2 business hours of the receipt of your request, your assignment request is entered into our cloud based claim management software. Preliminary call, text or email sent to vehicle owner to confirm the receipt of the assignment. 

Dispatched to nearest appraiser

Using our cutting edge management system, we are able to dispatch the claim to the nearest available appraiser. This newly assigned appraiser will make contact with the vehicle owner and set an  appointment within the next 24 period; if owner is available. 

Status sent

Before the 1st 24 hour period is over, the assignment has been received, dispatched and scheduled. An email is sent to the adjuster or claim provider to indicate this new status. If we are unable to schedule for any reason, new statuses are sent on 48 hour cycles. Within 5 days a contact letter is mailed if owner is unresponsive. 


Vehicle is inspected at the location of the owner's choosing; unless at shop, auction or impound. Ample photos, measurements with Keson Rod,  options, conditions, UPD, etc are all noted and documented. 

Estimate completion

Within 12-24 hours after the inspection, a professional estimate will be completed. All needed documents are provided per the clients request; including but not limited to : NADA, CCC form, Mitchell form, ADP form, summary sheet, etc. 

Quality control and Upload

After the completed estimate is attached on our management software, it is moved to the QC desk for review of compliance, metric adherence and specific client requests. Once through this phase, the unit is promptly invoices and packaged in PDF for delivery to our client. We strive for less than 72 hour cycle times on all files. 

Question about a service or pricing?

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