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We appreciate and are thankful for each and every customer that uses our services. Whether a simple auto inspection or a complex diminished value inspection, we say 'thank you' to each one. If you were satisfied with our service and attention to detail, please let us know. If there was a problem, we would love the chance to make it right. We want each customer to be pleased with their service, and for choosing Rapid Appraisal Services.  How can we help you today?

What our customers are saying

2016 Ford F150


 I was referred by Baytown Collision and didn’t know what to expect. I  reached out to Shawn Parsons and he worked on my case and fought hard for  me. If it wasn’t for Rapid Appraisal Service I would not have got the  total value of my vehicle. Thanks!!!  

Frank P. (Manvel,TX)


2018 BMW M3


"Insurance Company  will be mailing me a check for the full amount of your appraisal:  $6,715.62.   Obviously, I'm very satisfied with this result.  Great work!"

Mr. Lin (Houston, TX)


2016 Lexus ES350

Another excellent 5 star review on Google. Diminished value pays you for the loss in market value.

Mr. Shawn was very pleasant to work with. My vehicle was backed into at a restaurant and Insurance company  was not wanting to pay diminished value so I contacted Rapid Appraisal. They were a better value and were extremely thorough when looking over my 2016 Lexus ES350. I received a very detailed report that pointed out flaws in craftsmanship from the Lexus dealership that had done the repairs. I ended up receiving $900 more than I was originally trying to get. I hope I don't have to do another claim but I will always use and recommend Rapid Appraisal. 

Doug B. (Houston, TX)


Diminished Value Survey